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Inwood's Prefabulous Box Building Is Really, Truly Back!

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The foundations and first floor are ready at 4857 Broadway, the prefab building by Gluck+ (formerly Peter Gluck and Partners) up in Inwood. And the rest is coming soon! The remaining 38,000 square feet are being prefabricated off-site in 56 modules and will be shipped to the lot and installed beginning in the week of April 15. The building that results, newly named Broadway Stack, will be a seven-floor structure with 28 apartments. Putting up the building will take four weeks, reps tell us, plus another three months for mechanical systems, finishes, and facade installation. Fun times!

The Gluck+ team has put together a video explaining the off-site construction process:


· Official site: Broadway Stack [+Gluck]
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Broadway Stack

4857 Broadway, New York, NY