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Inside the New Fulton Center And Restored Corbin Building

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The MTA published a slew of new photos showing progress on the Fulton Center, and while the views inside the oculus are stunning, we can't stop staring at the beautifully restored Corbin Building. The exterior restoration of the historic 1888 building finished last fall, and MTA photographer Patrick Cashin recently got up close and personal with the brick, stone, and terracotta structure to show the meticulously carved ornamentation. It's like preservationist porn.

Arup engineers, architect Page Cowley, and Judlau Contracting worked together on the rehabilitation of the Corbin Building, completely transforming the blackened relic into a vibrant, colorful landmark. The restoration cost $59 million, and the interiors will once again hold offices. The basement and ground floor will be an entrance to the new Fulton Center, which will connect the A/C/E/J/R/Z/1/2/3/4/5 subway lines. The whole shebang should be complete by June 2014.

UPDATE: An MTA rep gave us the full rundown on who was involved with the renovation:

Judlau Contracting did the actual rehabilitation and restoration work of the Corbin Building. They are managed by MTA Capital Construction and Parsons Brinckerhoff/Lend Lease, a Joint Venture. Arup is the Designer and the Engineer or Record for the entire Fulton Center project which includes the Corbin Building. They hired Page Ayres Cowley Architects as a subconsultant for their expertise in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings. Together, Arup and Page Cowley Architects did the design and engineering for restoring Corbin.· Photos: Fulton Center Update March 2013 [MTA Flickr via Gothamist]
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Fulton Center

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