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Dictatorial Landlords Ban Parties at Bushwick Hipster Dorm

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The industrial, graffiti-covered McKibbin Lofts (and its artsy, rebellious denizens?or so they are often described) have a tendency to attract attention, whether they're the site of an FBI raid or the subject of a New York Times trend story documenting its notoriety. (The alleged den of mayhem has even got enough dirt for a longish Wikipedia page.) Sure, it's grown up a bit, with some residents even shedding the grunge to open up their creatively decked-out pad to Apartment Therapy's cameras. But is the party at McKibbin Lofts?however mature it may be these days?totally over?

Animal New York posted a photo of a sign in the building informing tenants (many of whom live in rundown cubicle-style or partitioned rooms with common loft spaces) that parties are henceforth banned and that the police will be called should one take place. Plus, those planning "a small gathering" must alert the security personnel in advance. ANY observes that the intensity of McKibbins' indie ragers is vastly exaggerated and that its residents aren't even all that wild, so why the crackdown? This place may be called a dorm in jest, but we're not in college anymore.
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