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Worst-Staged Apartment Award?; Bonus Ode to Grand Central

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?Check out that kitchen and 5-foot by 7-foot breakfast nook pictured above. Does that look to you like it's part of a 1BR/1BA in celeb magnet Devonshire House? One that's been on the market for a week with a $2.295 million ask? The other photos of the apartment aren't much better; here's the official listing for your perusal. The owners are trying to flip, apparently, having bought in 2010 for $1.311 million. "This might be one of the worst-staged listings I've ever seen?flipping through I wondered how this thing could be listed for over $1 million, let alone $2. Then I realized it was Devonshire House. Boy, it sure doesn't look like it... ," writes our tipster. With Alec Baldwin in the penthouse and neighbors like Amanda Seyfried and the CEO of Scholastic, you'd think these owners (or their brokers at Sotheby's) could up their staging game a bit. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

HUDSON SQUARE/WEST VILLAGE?More visions for ailing Pier 40 have materialized from the collaboration between WXY Architecture and seven youth sports groups in the area that are collectively calling themselves the Pier 40 Champions. Today they sent out a video of their plan for the sinking, rundown, in-debt pier off of West Houston Street, even though it was posted in January and most of the renderings in it were already revealed in a presentation at the Community Board 2 meeting earlier this month, where they earned a ton of vocal support from attendees. It's still worth a look, though, as the controversy over the pier rages on. While the Pier 40 Champions support building two residential towers to raise funds and cover the costs of improved and expanded playing fields on the pier, most politicians (including, now, Assemblymember Richard Gottfried) are opposed to any new housing. The opposing plan, put forth by the Durst Organization, proposes keeping a parking lot on the site and adding extra office space and retail tenants in order to finance the fields and the pier's general upkeep. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

MIDTOWN EAST?We recently ran a poetry contest, sharing 10 fun facts about Grand Central and then asking readers to submit poems that the centennial-celebrating transit hub inspired. The authors of the two winning submissions, announced last week, won two new books about GCT at 100. But we received a late entry from one Jacques Howard, titled "A century of vignettes," and so we asked if we could publish it anyway, just for kicks. He agreed, and here is his poem:

Irradiated in the flood of the terminal's luminares,
the ages are punctuated by stories,
unknown actors walking through time.
Countless faces revealing every human emotion
in a brief encounter, embrace, escape or reunion.
A vigilant marking time
A passionate farewell
A shortcut to destiny
A shelter without shame
A consumer catacomb of gastronomic varia
A grand central for the masses in transit
Transit in time
A century of vignettes
[CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

The Devonshire

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