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Chelsea Building Sales Office is Finally Available to Live In

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Dozens of people have already trooped through parlor B at 422 West 20th Street, because the unit has been serving as the sales office for the building and for 455 West 20th Street, the developer's other project across the street. So we wouldn't be surprised if the apartment, which has finally been listed for sale, finds a buyer quickly from among those who've already seen the place. The ask is $1.885 million for 1,185 square feet, and the perks include a view of the General Theological Seminary's private park across the street?and a key to it. As in the rest of the building, the interior design here is by Alan Wanzenberg.
What makes this apartment different from the rest of the building: it has a private street entrance with a stoop, as well as a second entrance from inside the building. Any sale of the apartment also won't close until fall 2013, presumably because that's when its life as a sales office will be finished.

Here's the floorplan:

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422 West 20th Street

422 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011