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Here Now, a 1996 Floorplan For That Pierre Triplex Penthouse

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Financial expert and stock market crash predictor Martin Zweig died in February, and his much-talked-of Pierre penthouse will soon hit the open market. Those in the know have hinted that the place could fetch as much as $100 to $120 million, and so far all we've had to ponder are a handful of old listing photos. A tipster passes along another cool piece of penthouse ephemera: the floorplan circa 1996. The floorplan appeared in a Times story on brokerage rivalries, and we salute our tipster for hanging onto a hard copy. Zweig bought the penthouse for a record-setting $21.5 million in 1999. How 'bout that ballroom?

These photos date from a 2004 listing of the penthouse (for a failed-to-sell $70 million):

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The Pierre – A Taj Hotel

2 E 61st St, New York, NY 10065