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Historic East Village Townhouse Listed for $6.7 Million

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An 1861 East Village townhouse, built by architect James Renwick, Jr. (who also designed St. Patrick's Cathedral and Washington DC's Smithsonian Castle) has appeared on the market for $6.7 million. The five-story house sits within the borders of the St. Mark's Historic District, and features one of the Anglo-Italianate brick facades that the district is know for. Inside, there's a glass-enclosed stairwell, a wood-burning fireplace on the parlor floor, a couple indoor balconies, and, well, not much else. (It has, as the listing puts it, a "modernist sensibility.") According to a couple of Certificates of Occupancy from the late 1960s, the house at one point doubled as an art gallery, which, looking at the pictures, does make sense.

· Listing: 27 Stuyvesant Street [Corcoran]