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Park Avenue Flip Attempt Hoping to Fetch $6.5 Million

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While we're on the subject of decorating Park Avenue apartments, #17DE in 715 Park Avenue is looking a lot less gloomy than it was during its last foray into the market in 2010, when it sold for $3.925 million. Now it's back after a renovation which, based on a comparison of the two floorplans, appears to have shifted around a few closets in such a way that managed to add an additional 244 square feet to the interior (if the new listing is to be believed.) That, plus some new finishes and very white coat of paint, have led to a new asking price of $6.5 million. What do you think? Are the new additions sufficient to pull off the flip?

· Listing: 715 Park Avenue #15DE [Sotheby's]