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Adorable Little Bond Street Penthouse Wants $3.9 Million

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In most of Bond Street's other luxurious offerings (25, 40, 41 54) getting a penthouse apartment for under $4 million would be pretty unrealistic, so this place has that going for it. Of course, the penthouses in those buildings are probably bigger than 1,470 square feet, but then again, the lack of size is, in a way, one of the charms of 57 Bond Street #PHE, which was just listed for $3.9 million (last sold in 2007, after being listed for $2.695 million.) It's like a little nest perched atop Noho. And then there's the private, furnished roofdeck, which is almost as big as the apartment itself. If you factor in the outdoor space, this one comes out to $1,497/square foot. Not bad for this part of town.

· Listing: 57 Bond Street #PHE [Corcoran]