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New Prospect Heights Condo The Mark Introduces Itself

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Given the not-entirely-smooth sales history of Manhattan's The Mark, we wouldn't call the name a lucky one for a residential building, but a new Brooklyn project is putting that to the test. Brooklyn's The Mark, at 268-270 St. Marks Avenue, has just unveiled its new website, 'Stoner notes. And a few details: the six-unit building is made up of 2BRs through 4BRs (1,433 to 2,338 square feet?not bad). No word on pricing, but prices at the building next door fell in the $509,000 to $895,000 range.
· Official website: The Mark []
· Signage, Website up for New Prospect Heights Condo ['Stoner]

The Mark Hotel

25 E 77th St, New York, NY 11101