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Historic Front Street Residents' Return Delayed Yet Again

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The residents of Historic Front Street, a series of restored and new South Street Seaport buildings, have been unable to move back to their homes since Hurricane Sandy destroyed their buildings' systems. The timeline for their return keeps being delayed. The latest: occupancy won't happen before May 31 at the earliest. (Previous date: May 1. Good thing we wrote that down in pencil!) The repairs, building management assures in its latest memo, will make the structures "more resilient to future extreme weather events as well as more energy efficient." Don't feel like waiting until May 31 but still have stuff in your apartment? You'll have to sign an agreement to move that stuff once the building is accessible again.

A few details from the memo, passed along by a tipster:

In order to accommodate the new heating, ventilation, and air?conditioning equipment, work in every single residential and commercial space is required. The work in the residences is occurring in phases. We have completed our first of three phases, which included the removal of existing heating and cooling units and piping. We anticipate implementing Phase Two this month. During Phase Two, we will install new heating and cooling units. Patching and painting will be done in Phase Three. Overall, the work will take several weeks to complete all phases, and access to the residences will be required several times. We will be contacting residents for access to their homes as we continue to work on the heating and cooling system upgrades for access to the residences.

Our elevator contractors have commenced work to restore service to the buildings. We understand many of you are waiting for elevator service so you will be able to move your possessions. We will keep you updated as to the anticipated date when they will return to service.

Work has continued towards restoration of the main electrical panels and systems. Gas risers have been tested and repaired and we await completion of the new domestic water pumps next week. We have commenced sheet?rocking the walls in lobbies and common areas as mechanical work is completed in these areas. New doors on the ground level will be replaced. Work will start in March to repair the damaged store fronts as well.

We understand that the commercial tenants are an important part of our community. We are happy to state that we are actively working with most of the commercial tenants, and we hope that the majority of them will be able to return. Barbarini and Jack's Coffee are returning and we are working with them to re?design their space. We have verbal commitments from seven others that are planning to return.

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