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10 Madison Square West Hints at Design and Amenities

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Construction on a six-story addition began not long ago at 1107 Broadway, formerly an International Toy Center building, and the project is ready for the big time. Teaser signage and a teaser website went up over the weekend, and the website reveals a few details: the building will contain 1BR to 5BR condos designed by Alan Wanzenberg (last seen designing 150 Charles Street and the Brodsky buildings in Chelsea), the developer is now the Witkoff Group (also of 150 Charles), and the new name is 10 Madison Square West. Above, a look at construction on that addition.

The building, which is officially coming to market in late spring, will have 9,000 square feet of amenities. That's a bit of a throwback to the building's pre-foreclosure days?the building was once supposed to have a basketball court and bowling alley. We don't know yet how those 9,000 square feet break down, so perhaps there's still hope.
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1107 Broadway

1107 Broadway, New York, NY 10010