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"When I see buildings priced at these levels, I really wonder who buys the more modest 2 bedroom and smaller apartments. Take the 2 bedroom A-line, 8A is priced at 2.625 million. It has the same cookie-cutter layout you see in every other condo building in the city. So... no powder room means guests have to use 2nd bathroom. Foyer opens onto living space so people in hallway can hear you and vice versa. On top of that, the master bed/bath is really challenged. Second closet in the bathroom?!? With all the windows and column, where do you put the bed without messing up feng shui? I understand putting up with these issues when you have half the budget, but at this price, I expect perfection. As a potential buyer with 2.625 ml looking for a primary residence, I'd take one look at this place and run."?anon [Renderings, Floorplans Unveiled for West 15th Street's 35XV]