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Cornerspotted: Cadman Plaza East and the Post Office

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Curbed commenter Ferryboi took all of 15 minutes to identify this week's Cornerspotter as Cadman Plaza in Downtown Brooklyn. The old photo was taken in 1906, and the building that still remains on the street is the original post office, a gorgeous example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. The addition, the unshrouded part in the streetview shot above, was added in 1930-33. The land opposite the post office was reclaimed by condemnation in 1935 and turned into a park by 1939. While the location was quickly identified, no one knew (or at least no one posted) that the street now called Cadman Plaza East used to be Washington Street, which is what it's still called once you pass the Brooklyn Bridge.
· Hint: One Side of This Street Is Now A Public Park [Curbed]
· Photo: Post Office and Eagle Building, Brooklyn [Library of Congress]