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'Trend' Alert: Siblings Living Together; An Art Deco Hunt

1) This week's hunter is driven not by a need for more space, or a better neighborhood, or more amenities, but by a simple love of Art Deco. He loves Art Deco. He already owns an alcove studio in an Art Deco Hudson Heights building, but he's on the lookout for a place that's bigger and even more Art Deco. While on a tour of Art Deco buildings in the Bronx (organized by the Art Deco Society, of which he is a member), he is introduced the perfect building, 601 Pelham Parkway North, designed by architect H. I. Feldman. However, the only available apartment faces an interior courtyard, so he waits, checks out a few inferior buildings, and bides his time until a sponsor unit on the top floor becomes available. Even though he has trouble selling his original place, he knows that he has to buy this new one, and he does. His next project: restoring his new building's lobby. [The Hunt/'A Just-So Apartment in a Just-So Building']

2) A new "trend," apparently, is siblings living together in Manhattan. "It used to be that brothers and sisters who lived in the city wanted to live apart and have their own lives. But in the last six months I've seen a huge jump in siblings moving in together," says a broker. This sounds like a very scientific study. Sibling roommate-ship is up seventy-twelve percent! As the article goes on to explain, living with your brother or sister can be great, because you really get each other. However, you can also get into fights, which is not great. For instance, two brothers living in the East 30s "don't have to worry about who bought the milk." That's great! But another brother sort of maybe made his sister break up with her boyfriend. That's not great! (Or maybe it is great! Siblings may well know best!) Anyway, this sounds waaay different from living with regular roommates. ['Mom Always Said to Share']