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Mary-Louise Parker's Village Duplex Returns to Market

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The 10-room combo duplex in 32 Washington Square West belonging to actress Mary-Louise Parker has hit the market for the third time in the past year, but apart from a brokerage switch (it's now listed by Corcoran instead of Brown Harris Stevens), little seems to have changed. The price has once again been lowered, negligibly—it's down to $6.99 million from a starting point of $7.25 million—and there are a few more pictures this time around. Still, it seems like this apartment isn't showing its true colors. Where are the "whimsical touches" described by More Magazine, including "a mural of an underwater barbecue, with an octopus brandishing multiple hot dogs"? Where is the wall that her kids are allowed to draw on with crayons? Where is the cream-colored sectional couch? Oh, right, that's right there. Even the terrifying puppet castle is gone from this staid, grown-up version of the listing, but we included a picture of it anyway, after the jump. For posterity.

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32 Washington Square West

32 Washington Square West, New York, NY 10011