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There's a $3,450/Month 2BR for Rent on a Village Secret Street

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Greenwich Village's Milligan Place is sorta the downtown equivalent of Pomander Walk, a secret street built for a specific purpose?in this case, as housing for waiters at the Brevoort House hotel. Samuel Milligan built the street's four buildings in 1852, and these days, their units rarely hit the market. But thanks to a lease break, one just did! The apartment, a 2BR, 1BA at 2 Milligan Place, is about as small as you'd expect for this kind of street; the second bedroom, according the brokerbabble, "would make a great home office!" And brokerbabble is usually generous when it comes describing unit sizes. The rent is $3,450/month.
· Listing: 2 Milligan Place [North Star Residential via StreetEasy]