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Superscraper 432 Park Avenue is Officially On the Market

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[All renderings ©dbox for CIM Group & Macklowe Properties.]

It's the first official day of spring, and that means this year's crop of new developments is about to start hitting the market. They'll have a lot to live up to, because the season is starting off with a big one: 432 Park Avenue! The city's?nay, the western hemisphere's?future tallest residential building is now available. Or at least, two-thirds of the units are. A full third are already in contract, according to the Journal. We know you're hungry for details, and the renderings above barely scratch the surface, so here we go: the 1,396-foot, Rafael Vinoly-designed tower should be finished in 2015. It will contain a total of 126 apartments asking a combined $2.7 billion, which is, the Journal notes, the highest total asking price ever for a condominium building in Manhattan. That breaks down to $6,742/square foot.

Prices for individual units, when considered in light of that $2.7B total, don't sound so mind-blowing: current availability is $20 million to $82.5 million. That won't even be enough to beat One57 or Sanford Weill.

As for amenities, there will be 30,000 square feet of 'em, including a private restaurant, garden, fitness center, spa, pool, library, billiards room (naturally), screening room and "performance venue," children's playroom, and assorted other goodies. The apartments themselves will have private elevator landings and 10-foot-by-10-foot windows, and there are extra staff apartments, office suites, storage spaces, and climate-controlled wine cellars available for purchase, too. We'd expect nothing less.
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