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Big Reveal: $549,900 for a 1BR Condo In Battery Park City

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There were 50 comments on this week's Pricespotter property but only 14 of those actually played the guessing game?and no one got it right, although on person came within $100. The asking price for this 1BR/1BA at 250 South End Avenue in Battery Park City is $549,900. Most commenters spent their energy debating the type of person who would live in this condo (the consensus: a douchey finance guy) and blasting the neighborhood as being a piece of crap. About half of the guess were within $50K, and the rest were more than $200K. The highest was $1.1 million, with the lowest coming in at $325,000.

· Listing: 250 South End Avenue, 2A [Nest Seekers via StreetEasy]
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