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Rebuilding In Belle Harbor; Giant Windows For 11 North Moore

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BELLE HARBOR?During Hurricane Sandy, a fire tore through the Rockaway neighborhood of Belle Harbor, leaving the area in ruins. All of Rockaway is still slowly recovering and cleaning up, but families are finally starting to rebuild their homes. The above photo was posted on the Facebook group "Rockaway Emergency Plan," and it shows a new home rising on Beach 130th Street. Construction fencing blocks the base from view, but the caption says the home is about 8-feet off the ground, which a commenter notes is 13ft above mean high tide, according to national tide datum. [Rockaway Emergency Plan; previously]

TRIBECA?Broker Frederik Eklund has been tapped to market the under-construction VE Equities/Adjmi & Andreoli project 11 North Moore Street, and he sends word that the place is going to have some redonkulously huge operable windows. "These are the largest single pane windows in any new development Downtown?even larger than 40 Bond! The typical window will be 5' x 10' but some will be as large as 6' x 10'. They swing in to allow for fresh air and really bring the outside in! The ceilings are approximately 11' high, so these residences are going to be unbelievably dramatic and filled with light." There will be 19 units, ranging from 1,900-square-foot three-bedrooms to 3,000-square-foot four-bedrooms. The penthouse will have 18-foot ceilings and a rooftop terrace with a private pool. Fancy!

[CurbedWire Inbox; previously]