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Rent a $15K/Month Ice Cave?Um, Live/Work Space

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Even with spring's belated arrival, maybe you're already anticipating how hot July will be. Maybe you're wondering how on earth you can find an apartment that will surround your humidity-fearing self with just the right "cool" vibe. Well, here's an option?an ultra-weird 2,400-square-foot duplex at 37 Walker Street that has already spent about five months on the rental market, complete with gleaming white rooms, an animal-skin rug, blingy chandeliers dripping with ice (not the literal kind), and a roaring, potentially fake fire in the sleek hearth.

Contemporary ski chalet meets Tribeca modernist tacky-chic? Igloo meets film screening venue? And then, of course, there's the exposed-brick wall, which is strikingly out of place. The brokerbabble labels it ideal for "a boutique business with the possibility for live/work" and emphasizes the "beautifully appointed bathrooms" both on the ground level and in the basement below. The previous tenant was a company called Esoteric, which installs iPad entertainments systems on private jets and yachts. Any takers for this, well, esoteric-looking fixer-upper? Just glass in the ground-floor windows before indulging in any Nordic rituals.... your neighbors will thank you.
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