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New York's 'Secret' Burgers; Our James Beard Award Finalists

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This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog?

1. Citywide: All the New York City chefs, restaurants, restaurateurs, bars, eatery designers, and professional alcohol-drinkers (it's almost the name of a category) who have been nominated for this year's go-about of the prestigious James Beard Awards.

2. Noho/Central Village: Bobby Flay may be bringing Bolo back, this time to a Lafayette Street location. He's applied for a liquor license, and the community board has even given the project a nod. At the very least, Flay hasn't denied the rumors yet.

3. Citywide: Here now, your guide to five awesome burgers?that are all off-menu... and now you know.

4. The Seaport: More details emerged about the two new food markets headed for Pier 17, whose vendors will include purveyors of "locally and regionally sourced food items." Current tenants can stay for the summer, but after that, they're getting booted so the Howard Hughes Corporation can renovate the space to make way for the markets.

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