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A Bonkers Balloon-Like Parking Garage For Grand Central

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While we're all contemplating the future of Midtown East and Grand Central, why not consider a giant metallic parking garage/library/museum that looks like a big balloon? Pratt architecture students Jordana Vasquez and Boris Leokumovick concocted the idea, which Vasquez shared on Archinect. Drawings on her website show a multi-tiered structure that incorporates pedestrian bridges, a library, a museum, and ramps that seem to shoot cars out onto Park Avenue.

From Vasquez's website:

In this library the idea of a formula-derived-device provides opportunity for a strictly-organized system in nature to allow for the spatial form to be a complex form of chaos that is non-linear, unpredictable and exhibits a sustained irregularity. Right now we are in the phase of constructing the structure for the parking lot. What you see is the construction below and around for where the library will lie.So which bonkers idea is more likely for Grand Central: two massive towers connected by a moving pedestrian halo or this super shiny parking garage?

Click through to her site for more drawings and renderings.
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