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Flank Plans Condo Future for Mulberry Street Parking Garage

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A few proposals have cropped up over the years for residential uses at 224 Mulberry Street. Though we were intrigued by Handel Architects' plan to turn the place into a private residence with a squash court, the lot will actually, The Real Deal reports, become home to something more standard: condos! Seven units of luxury condos, to be precise, designed by the architects/developers Flank. Most of those units will be duplexes, and each one will have parking. And that's all we know so far! (Know more?) Flank's still trying to get access to its rear neighbor, 221 Mott Street, in order to install protection at the site?in fact, it asked the New York State Supreme Court to grant it access just this week. So we'll potentially be seeing construction soon.
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