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UES Residents Sue MTA Over Second Avenue Subway, Again

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Back in 2011, residents of the Yorkshire Towers at 315 East 86th Street filed suit against the MTA over the placement of a new entrance to the Second Avenue Subway. The entrance in question would be located right outside the 698-unit, 21-story building, and the suit claimed that the MTA's environmental review wasn't thorough enough. A judge ultimately dismissed the case because it was brought past the statute of limitations (they had 180 days to file a lawsuit but they were eight months late).

Now, however, the Daily News reports that the residents have sued the MTA again?for basically the same exact reasons. The new lawsuit, filed March 15, claims "the agency flouted its own guidelines and environmental review by proceeding with the plan for the stop on the long-delayed subway line." Hmm, sounds familiar. But the suit argues that the residents have "new information regarding the entrance and were unfairly stymied by the MTA." They want to prevent any work outside their building, which is already surrounded by sidewalk scaffolding, and they want the MTA to study a single-entrance plan.
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Photo via NYDN