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It Came From Craigslist

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Three dudes on the hunt for "sugar momma's" aim to use their bodies for rent in order to live for free, and posted an all-caps Craigslist ad today in search of temporary housing. "Sup New York," the listing starts, and from there the prose descends further into sheer insanity, describing the trio's music- and video-making skills, washboard abs, and ability to do 1,000 pull-ups. "ANYTHING YOU NEED, EITHER CLEAN THE GUTTERS OR DUST THE COOCHIE OFF, WE GOT YOU BRO!!" it exclaims. Is the $5,000 listed in the ad the amount they think their services deserve, or the amount of the apartment they hope to turn into a den of iniquity and nudity? Rip-off. [Craigslist, via The Jane Dough]