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200 Chambers Penthouse Buyer Sues Over Square Footage

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David Wilkenfeld, who made (part of) his fortune in prom dresses, entered into contract on the penthouse at 200 Chambers Street last year. Before we proceed, rest easy: he's still buying the place (and plans to close on it in April). But he's unhappy about how the seller's broker represented a few things, including the size of the apartment, the real estate taxes, and the common charges. It's lawsuit time! The Post has the deets, and basically, Wilkenfeld alleges that the seller's broker, Platinum Properties' Daniel Hedaya, claimed the penthouse was 4,700 square feet. But it's actually either 96 or 152 square feet smaller than that?the condo offering plan says the penthouse is only 4,548 square feet.

Wilkenfeld is in contract to pay $13 million for the penthouse, and he's asking for $2.08 million in the lawsuit, "plus the difference btween $13 million and the penthouse's actual value" once the lower square footage is taken into account. Wilkenfeld claims the contract was sent to him "for hurried execution by e-mail" during Hurricane Sandy, and he was too pressured to really consider it. He also claims the broker failed to disclose that he was acting only as the seller's broker, not as a broker for both sides of the deal. Here's the floorplan, for any armchair square footage estimators:

Wilkenfeld, meanwhile, is still trying to unload his seventh-floor unit in the building so he can move forward with his upgrade. That $5.75 million unit is 2,800 square feet, according to the listing, and we hope there wasn't any rounding going on.
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200 Chambers Street

200 Chambers Street, New York, NY 10282