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Boxy Building Designed by ODA To Join PS1, 5 Pointz in LIC

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A new development?defined by boxes jutting out all over the place?is headed for a pocket of Long Island City currently populated by MoMA PS1 and the 5 Pointz building (pictured on the left side of the rendering above, defined by its graffiti, and destined for destruction), the Observer reports.

Details about the project are scant, besides its exact location at 22-25 Jackson Avenue. Buzz Buzz Home got the rendering via the Facebook page of one of the principals of ODA Architecture, the firm behind this sub-10-story building, even though it's not yet up on ODA's website.

Though this particular style is an anomaly in LIC, ODA has been in the spotlight recently for similar-looking projects like 15 Union Square West (ALSO defined by some bulging boxy shapes, whaddaya know) and Hot Karl's 316 Bergen Street (less obviously boxy, but definitely full of rectangular prisms and the like). All these designs have large windows in common, which will be great for future LIC residents?presuming the area around the Jackson Avenue corner site becomes less industrial-ly bleak someday soon.
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22-22 Jackson Avenue

22-22 Jackson Avenue, Queens, NY 11101

Union Square

, Manhattan, NY 10003