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Yankee Ferry Houseboat Tour; A Dome in the Rockaways

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ON THE HIGH SEAS?"Ahoy!" exclaims Victoria MacKenzie-Childs, as she greets the crew of SPACEStv in front of the Yankee Ferry, the 1907-built vessel where she lives with her husband Richard. Permanently moored in Hoboken (but let's not hate), it is the last surviving ferry to have served Ellis Island. In an episode of online series "Offbeat Spaces," rainbow-haired Victoria guides us deep into the ship's belly to check out the quirky bedroom, guest room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom?helpfully cautioning that it's best not to take a bubble bath on a windy day. She and her husband are sculptors by trade, so we can see from whence this residence's offbeat creativity hails. Oh, and there are chickens in "their own quarters" to provide the couple with fresh eggs daily. Says Victoria: "Every day feels like an adventure. It's closer to nature than owning an apartment or a house." [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]

ROCKAWAYS?We figured we'd stick with the aquatic theme, though what's happened in the Rockaways during and since Hurricane Sandy is much more sobering. That's why MoMA PS1 is drawing attention to the area by erecting a temporary cultural center there, in the form of a geodesic structure called the VW Dome 2 that is part of a summerlong urban ecology arts series called EXPO 1. Boasting a 200-person seating capacity, the pop-up is located between Beach 94th and Beach 95th streets near the badly damaged boardwalk.

The full lineup of events is still TBD; in the meantime, check back in on the official sites for the dome and for the whole EXPO 1 project as more information becomes available. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]