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City's Oldest House To Get Incongruously Modern Addition

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The Wyckoff Farmhouse?which, built circa 1652, is the city's oldest structure?is now run as a museum and an educational center. (It also searches out any descendents of colonial Dutchman Pieter Claesen Wyckoff via Facebook and brings them together in reunions, plus it runs an adorable-sounding "country store.") But the little clapboard just east of East Flatbush is outgrowing its petite grounds, so nARCHITECTS was tapped to create an addition that incorporates a bigger visitors' center, space for community outreach and cultural programs, administrative offices, a caretaker's apartment, and a landscaped park.

Renderings for the enhanced site, bordered by Clarendon Road, Ralph Avenue and Ditmas Avenue, were recently released (thanks for the tip, Inhabitat), and we're a little taken aback by the stark contrast between the sleek, contemporary nature of the new designs and the historic house. What do you think?appropriately edgy yet somehow fitting, or out of character?
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