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One of the Mysterious One57 Buyers is Two Years Old

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One of the great real estate mysteries of the past year has been who the billionaire buyers are at Midtown mega-tower One57. Developer Gary Barnett isn't giving any hints (other than nationalities) and the buyers themselves are, for the most part, not talking to the press. But in the case of one lucky buyer, who just snapped up a $6.5 million pad, that probably has less to do with a desire for privacy and more do with the fact that she, uh, probably can't talk yet. That's right, One57's latest lucky buyer is a two-year-old Chinese toddler. Her mother, who took care of the paperwork and stuff, told the Sotheby's broker that her daughter—who, if you missed it before, has been a human person for a total of two (2) years—has narrowed down her college choices to Harvard, Columbia, or NYU, and will therefore need an apartment in the center of Manhattan. In sixteen years. Maybe the commute from 57th Street to Harvard will have improved by then.
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