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Design Changes In Store for WTC Performing Arts Center

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The plans for the performing arts center in the new World Trade Center have changed, once again, because of finances. The Times reports that starchitect Frank Gehry is still designing the project, but the multi-layered, tree-studded model we've come to know will not be what rises on the site. The art hub's primary tenant was to be Joyce Theater, which planned to make the space a home for dance, and while Joyce Theater will still be involved, dance will only be one piece of the pie. The arts center's board decided that a multi-disciplinary space would be more viable.

That means the design is changing as well?and by "changing," we mostly mean "downsizing." Instead of four stages, including a 1,000-seat theater, there will be just two stages, one of which will be a 200-seat flex space. The size of the main theater has yet to be determined. The Joyce Theater's president said "there will be a whole new redesign." How does Mr. Gehry feel about this? "The other program was grand and big, and it seemed in scale with the place," he told the Times. "We've got a smaller program now because of finances. I don't take time to look backwards. We'll make something out of it that works." That's the attitude!
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