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Big Reveal: $525K for A Studio With A Roof Deck In Chelsea

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The asking price guesses for this week's PriceSpotter ran the gamut from way under ($295K) to way over ($850K), but two anonymous commenters named the correct price of $525,000. This is located on the top floor of 325 West 21st Street, and even though it's an "architect-designed" studio, a lot of people took issue with the look of the space. "This person really doesn't like art," said #2. "Or color. Or anything but bare walls, gray paint and white tile." No. 7 said he'd "make the living room the bedroom. Who the hell wants the bed next to the kitchen with no friggin door? What's up with the rail road apartment shiek here? Why don't I have access to my own private terrace? This listing makes no sense." And #24 offered this nugget of advice: "Would be much better if you could suspend the bed on a pulley system so you can raise it and lower it from ceiling to floor as needed."

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