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Grand Central Parties On; Skyview Parc Buyer's Window Woes

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MIDTOWN EAST?Grand Central Terminal is currently enjoying the world's longest birthday party, making all the other centennials feel a little neglected, and the latest celebration takes place on April 11. The event includes three panels?"Pioneers of Railroading," on the origins of the terminal, "The Battle to Save Grand Central," and "On the Write Track: Authors on Grand Central." [CurbedWire Inbox]

FLUSHING?For anyone who's ending this week in an advice-giving mood, a reader writes in with a question about the sometimes-troubled?we're talking buyer refunds and rather slow sales?Sky View Parc. Not just a reader?an actual buyer in the building! Our reader asks, "We recently purchased a two bedroom in Tower 3 and have had repeated trouble with the double pane windows fogging up - if it keeps happening, the inside will eventually mildew, which is a hazard. We can't get Skyview to fix them and I know it is a problem for many other owners as well. We are considering a lawsuit and I was wondering if anyone else can shed light on the window problem as well." Anyone? [CurbedWire Inbox]