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Madison Square Garden's Permit Renewal Drama Drags On

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Madison Square Garden's fate still hangs in the balance, or something. (Can you tell that it's Friday?) With its permit to operate already expired in January, Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer spoke out on the topic this week; he supports giving the arena 10 more years while it searches for a new location in order "to give Penn Station more space." This is also Times archicritic Michael Kimmelman's stance. (That's even as the Garden undertook a $1 billion renovation, and hence, would be a pricey pain in the ass to move.)

Meanwhile, Crain's reports that the labor issues parent company Cablevision has faced will probably not help MSG's quest for indefinite, or even long-term, permit renewal. Local community boards have also been rough on the arena, which has already moved three times since the first iteration opened in 1879. Archpaper nicely summarizes the whole kerfuffle. Renewal is ultimately contingent on Stringer's recommendation as well as the City Planning Commission's, which the City Council will then take into account when it delivers a verdict this summer.
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