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Comment of the Day

"I had a private tour of this space back in 2004 (no, I was not a potential buyer). Commenters above who note the awkwardness of the space are correct. This was a ballroom that was never meant to be lived in. The rooms don't take advantage of the views, and they never will because the orientation and window sizes don't allow it. There are a couple of nice rooms, but most are rather small by today's luxury standards, and awkwardly shaped. The ballroom, or "grand salon," is truly jaw-dropping impressive at first sight, but again was designed to be filled with 100s of people. It would be a great place for a cocktail party. Or a wedding. Otherwise, the idea of a family or single person sitting in that huge space brings on visions of Orson Wells in Xanadu at the end of "Citizen Kane." I suspect this space will eventually be used as some sort of rentable party venue, which is both sad but appropriate."?anon [Martin Zweig's Pierre Penthouse Officially Asks $125 Million]