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Stadium Eating Guides; Paid Sick Leave in the Restaurant Biz

This week's top dish from Eater NY, Curbed's restaurant, bar, and nightlife blog?

1) The Local Sportsiverse: Opening day is finally here! Since no one wants a grody hot dog when you can have a gourmet feast, here's the lowdown on exactly what to eat at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. Oh, and heck, let's throw in food guides to Barclays Center and Madison Square Garden, too. (Basketball season, believe it or not, is a thing that's still happening.)

2) The World of Funny People: In Eater's new video series, We Love Food, a group of comedians riffs on the craziest food news of the last month. The NYC edition focuses on Bloomberg's soda ban ("People in Brooklyn are really not having any issues with it unless there's a ban on PBR and irony") and Michael Wolff's anti-restaurant rant ("He wrote that dinner is the 'oh, fuck!' moment of your day. Really? Really?").

3) In Kitchens Citywide: Restaurant owners worry that compensating workers for five sick days per year will increase their payroll, while customers are just relieved that their coughing, snot-spewing waiters won't be afraid to stay at home when they've got the flu.

3) NYC: From Katz's thick pastrami on the Lower East Side to Mamoun's falafel, here are New York's 15 most iconic sandwiches.
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