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Meet Noho's Latest Loft Conversion, The Schumacher

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36 Bleecker Street was one of the first large commercial buildings in Noho, where it played host to the Schumacher & Ettlinger printing company beginning in the 1860s. Remember the first half of that name, because you're about to hear it again. The factory is in the middle of its conversion into lofts, and the marketing team is ready to tease us all with?wait for it?The Schumacher's early reveal. The basics: the building will contain 20 two- to four-bedroom apartments priced from about $3 million to $25 million. Arched windows, 10'5" to 15' barrel vaulted ceilings, etc. The whole thing, developed by Stillman Development International, will hit the market later this spring, and Fredrik Eklund?along with John Gomes?is one of the brokers, so perhaps we'll get to see inside on Million Dollar Listing.

The building, made up of one structure first built in the 1860s and two more added in the 1880s, has actually been remade before?it burned down (Warning: PDF!) after construction in a fire of mysterious origin. The photo above shows what the building looked like before the current Morris Adjmi restoration began; right now, the facade, ground floor, and rooftop are being redone. The whole thing is swathed in netting:

In addition to the exterior makeover, the building is getting a central courtyard from MoMa roof garden designer Ken Smith. The downtown art scene is part of the mix, too, with a permanent art program curated by Cristina Grajales, a Soho gallerist.
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The Schumacher

36 Bleecker Street, New York, NY