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Pet Owners Must Resort to Deception to Find Apartments

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1) This week's Rental Hunters, John and Sarah, are united by a mutual desire to not have to live with their parents while they're between places. A frantic Hunt ensues, complete with shady brokerages, awkward potential roommate speed-dating, Hurricane Sandy-induced drama, and, finally, the apartment of their dreams—a sixth-floor walkup in Soho with tons of natural light that the previous owners abandoned, along with a lot of their stuff. [The Hunt/'We Do Not Want to Go Home Again']

2) Finding an apartment is hard enough on it's owning, but trying to find one that will allow pets (especially your pet) is exponentially harder. Pet lovers are often forced to resort to such tricks as sedating dogs for board interviews, pretending that multiple cats are all one cat, forging a doctor's letter that claims they need a companion for mental health reasons, or photographing their dog next to a baby to demonstrate how non-threatening he is. Sometimes it works, often it doesn't. Click through to read the stories of a few such pet-owners, including one lady whose bulldog was given to her by Montel Williams. ['What Pet Owners Must Do to Get New York Apartments'; photo by Harris Graber]