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New Film Tells the Story of the Gowanus Coignet Building

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"At The Corner Of 3rd and 3rd" Trailer from Max Kutner on Vimeo.

The saga of the Gowanus Whole Foods has been accompanied by the saga of the historic Coignet stone building, which sits at the corner of the five-acre site where the supermarket is now rising. The two-story building was erected in the early 1870s for the New York and Long Island Coignet Stone Company, and it was subsequently used as offices for industrial companies before falling into disuse. In recent years, it's been a major talking point for preservationists, and it was landmarked in 2006. Whole Foods has promised to restore the structure, but the Coignet Building's future is still uncertain. Now a new documentary by filmmaker Max Kutner, At the Corner of 3rd and 3rd, seeks to catalogue the building's history and significance in the neighborhood.
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Third Avenue and Third Street, Brooklyn, NY