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Two Pricey Heights Units, Sight Unseen, Are In Contract

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At Brooklyn Heights' 30 Henry Street project, called simply "The Heights," two apartments?including the penthouse?are in contract. Formerly home to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle (RIP, newspapers), each of the five units in the five-story building takes up an entire floor, and the PH in particular is among the priciest apartments in Brooklyn Heights. It netted its original asking price of $4.95M, which comes out to $1,730 per square foot. At $3.395M, the first-floor unit in contract ain't too shabby, either. A 3-bed, 2.5-bath with a fireplace and private garden, it's selling for $1,404/square foot. Since 30 Henry is still under construction, both apartments have been sold based only on floorplans and renderings.

Three more units are still available, if you too are willing to take the plunge without seeing an actual apartment.
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30 Henry Street

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