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Condo Addition Plans Revived at Tiny East Village Synagogue

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The powers that be at the Anshei Meseritz synagogue (415 East Sixth Street) have, several times in the past few years, proposed adding condos to the top of the building to raise cash for upgrades. The credit crunch put those plans on pause once, and when the plans resurfaced in 2010, again nothing came of them. But the new third attempt will make it at least as far as Community Board 3's Landmarks Subcommittee, EV Grieve notes?a proposal is on the agenda for tomorrow night's meeting.

That proposal, from architect Joseph Pell Lombardi, calls for adding one story to the existing building, set back so that it won't be visible to the public. The plans also mention three to four residential units, a community facility in the basement, and a new elevator.

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