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Post-Disaster Shipping Container Housing Coming to DoBro

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Less than a month after Hurricane Sandy tore through New York City, the Office of Emergency Management revealed that they were working on a post-disaster housing system built out of shipping containers. Now the Brooklyn Eagle reports that a prototype of this housing will be erected in Downtown Brooklyn this summer. The complex will be three- to four-stories tall and it will occupy a fenced-in lot at 165 Cadman Plaza East for one year. The location is directly across the street from the offices of OEM, which is collaborating with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the NYC Department of Design and Construction, and FEMA on the project.

The city is accepting proposals from contractors to build the complex until March 21, and construction will start soon after a proposal is chosen. One ground-floor unit will likely be used as a gallery to explain the project to the public. Actual residents will live in the units for at least six months, but no decision has been made about how these human lab rats will be chosen.
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