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The City Council vote scheduled to take place today over the Hudson Square rezoning proposal was postponed... again. Justification is hazy, from the official PR folks explaining that council members are "still in discussions" to the GVSHP sending out a blast that the Council is trying to "negotiate an agreement around the rezoning with the mayor's office." After being rescheduled from last week, a hearing and vote are now set for next week (March 13 at 9am, for those of you who eye the Council's doings like a hawk). To put it mildly, stakes are high for this controversial plan, which would allow highrise residential construction (benefiting the largest property owner in that area, Trinity Church and its real estate arm) in a neighborhood?bordered by West Houston to the north and Canal to the south, west of the Avenue of the Americas?that is currently filled with offices, some industrial buildings, and smaller apartment buildings. Residents worry that increased density could crowd already taxed public resources, like recreational spaces. Unclear what's over there now, and what developments could rise up should the rezoning pass? Check out our map of 14 Hudson Square spots you should know. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]