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Music Mogul Rents The Jane Street House That Burritos Built

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Chipotle founder Steve Ells was having a tough time trying to sell his Steve Harris-renovated West Village townhouse, and Warner Brothers music honcho Lyor Cohen has been on the hunt for a new house, so why not bring the two together? That was clearly the thinking of their brokers, as the Post reports that Cohen is now renting Ells' house at 92 Jane Street. Ells first listed it in September for $16.5 million, then dropped the price to $14.9 million just a month later. That didn't work, so he dropped the price again at the end of January to $13.995 million. That still wasn't enough to entice a buyer (perhaps some free burritos would have helped), but at least he found a renter in Cohen. Cohen is actually quite familiar with the pricechopper himself?in 2011, he listed his Carnegie Hill mansion for $28 million, then chopped it to $26 million, and finally sold it for less than $25 million?so maybe he took pity on Ells and decided to help his fellow rich man out. No word on what he's paying in rent.

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92 Jane Street

92 Jane Street, New York, NY