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In the 'Burg, Brand-New "Marbleworks Lofts" Up for Grabs

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The conversion of a former 'Burg factory building at 641 Driggs Avenue, which started just over a year ago, is now complete. Brownstoner noticed that the ground-floor retail space and some apartments are now on the rental market, and that the building even has a name: Marbleworks Lofts, which (according to the building's new website) refers to the fact that for 100 years it was a family-owned production facility for, well, marble works. Rents start at $3,650 for the brand-new big-windowed apartments with 16-foot ceilings, which come in two-, three-, four-, and five-bedroom varieties. Building amenities include laundry on every floor and a roof deck, while some apartments have private outdoor space.

Though the floorplans are baffling, the apartments look spacious and simple. And despite the fact that construction workers haven't vacated the site just yet, we like the old-fashioned entranceway and little outdoor clock planned for the brick exterior (see a rendering in the gallery above). Given the 'Burg's track record, how long before these get snapped up?
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641 Driggs Avenue

641 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY