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Bushwick's Boutique Bogart Street Hotel Reveals Itself

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Last summer, plans finally got moving on the 60-room boutique hotel planned for 19 Bogart Street. We kind of forgot about it since then, until a photo of the under-construction building hit our inbox under the apt subject line of "Hideousness arises in Bushwick." Our tipster asked for intel on the place, as he couldn't believe something that looks like this and is located on this street could possibly be a "luxury boutique hotel":

"I live a block away and aside from scratching my head over rumors of it being a 'luxury boutique hotel--like the Wythe' ( this is what one of the partners told me when asked several months ago). However, I'm perplexed at the call to luxury, considering the industrial makeup of he neighborhood..not to mention the Boars Head meat processing/distribution center that is directly across the street.Perplexing indeed, but it is most certainly a hotel. DOB permits show the number of rooms has dropped from 63 to 60, and there will be retail on the ground floor.
· Bushwick Ready for The Boutique Hotel Stage? [Curbed]

19 Bogart Street

19 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY