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Hester Street Hole Gets New Owners, and Maybe Even Condos

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We've dubbed it a "historic hole"?specifically, the fenced-in pit at 53 Hester Street where Jewish bakery Gertel's stood for almost a century?but some condos might be coming to fill it right up. The Lo-Down reports that, after a long struggle that ended in foreclosure, the previous owners sold the site for $3.2 million in late January to the owners of 55 Hester next door.

And now Hester Alliance Properties has applied to combine the adjacent properties into one zoning lot. Even so, not much would change for 55 Hester Street, an 11-story, 27-apartment condo building that opened in 2010 (the Google Street View shot above is a few years old?55 Hester, aka the scaffolded building at left, is now complete, but the lot is, shall we say, exactly the same). The new owners of 53 have applied to build a 10-story structure, something we image would be quite similar to 55, on that lot... and then ol' Gertel's will really be buried for good.
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53 Hester Street

53 Hester Street, New York, NY