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Inside the Dome at a Revamped Police Building Penthouse

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A Police Building penthouse that has previously been home to, on separate occasions, Calvin Klein and Steffi Graf, is now the home of Altamarea restauraunt group CEO Ahmass Fakahany. He and his wife hired Michael Bagley to redo the space, and New York Cottages and Gardens has the reveal. Bagley, who calls himself an "interpreter" of clients' tastes, turned to French design of the 1930s and 1940s as a way to conceptualize the penthouse. One cool thing about the space: it began as 3,000 square feet, but quickly expanded to more than 6,000, because the owners purchased an extra apartment and discovered an extra room above the building's dome. Those NYC real estate extra-room-in-the-closet dreams sometimes really do come true!

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240 Centre St

240 Centre Street, Manhattan, NY 10012