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In the Bronx, a 19th-Century Haunted Mansion Is Watching

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On another one of his treks around the city looking for movie locations, Scouting NY aka Nick Carr came across this turreted brick beauty in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx. A passerby warned him that 1857 Anthony Avenue was haunted, but that only piqued his interest further, and so he shot a series of photos capturing the abandoned property's eerie details.

Here's the history, according to Scouting NY: Known as the Shuttleworth Mansion, it was built in 1896 by Edwin Shuttleworth, a stone dealer. At that time, Mount Hope was seen a "prosperous suburb." The same owner had run the property for 70 years, before selling it in 2007 for $675,000 to a buyer who has promised to restore it.

Broken glass and "Beware of Dog" sign aside, Carr snapped some cool details, from the elaborate (if rusty) wrought-iron gates to several figures and faces carved in stone that embellish the facade and add to the ghost-story charm.

The front gable, pictured above, with its intricate railing, is one of the more special architectural details, while the faces appear to be of literary figures, with Shakespeare and Dante taking up two of the slots.

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